Welcome to Cyclone Fluid Dynamics

Thank you for your visit to, and interest in our pages on the web. Hereby we would like to introduce ourselves to you.

Cyclone Fluid Dynamics B.V. is a consultancy and engineering company specialized in solving industrial aero- and hydrodynamical flow problems for the benefit of various clients. Research and development applied to industrial products and processes means that complex geometries, flows and phenomena are the rule.

We have an extensive industrial experience in the following product development areas:

  • Aero- and hydrodynamic consulting
  • Numerical and experimental fluid flow analyses
  • Aeroacoustics
  • Development of numerical methods

In general Cyclone Fluid Dynamics B.V. has been working on:

  • Flows in complex ducts, valves, machines and appliances
  • Cooling of engines, engine parts and engine compartments
  • Ventilation and heating and/or cooling of buildings
  • External aerodynamics of vehicles
  • Wind loading and nuisance of buildings
  • Radial and axial fans (incl. acoustics)